The Undergraduate Research in Natural and Clinical Science and Technology (URNCST) [pronounced “earnest”] Journal is the leading open access, indexed, peer-reviewed publication for undergraduate research conferences and case competitions. The journal accepts abstract submissions from planning committees globally, while striving to innovatively promote undergraduate research initiatives in the process.

Abstract submissions are currently being accepted for the following URNCST Journal Abstract Competitions:

2nd URNCST Journal Case Competition: Submit YOUR Abstract by November 15, 2018

2nd URNCST Journal Research Competition: Submit YOUR Abstract by January 1, 2019

The URNCST Journal now offers a collaborative initiative to undergraduate organizations or associations at universities around the world called the URNCST Journal Hosted Competition. This initiative is designed to provide such undergraduate groups - with an interest in one or more science or technology disciplines - to host a virtual abstract competition, who would not otherwise have the opportunity to do so. To our knowledge, the URNCST Journal is the first undergraduate journal to provide this unique opportunity. Learn more here.

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Conference Abstract Book

14th Annual Canadian Undergraduate Conference on Healthcare 2018 “The Future of Healthcare: A Multidisciplinary Approach."

Margarita de Leon Amoranto, Mack Blydt-Hansen, Jamil Muradov, Samer Maher, Sarah Paleczny


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