URNCST Journal Assistant

Thank you for your interest in becoming an URNCST Journal Assistant! Please view the official volunteer posting and read this webpage carefully before submitting your application. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at application@urncst.com.


What is an URNCST Journal Assistant?

URNCST Journal Assistants play a key role in advancing the journal’s mission of helping undergraduate and professional-undergraduate conference planning committees worldwide become aware of and learn more about the benefits of publishing their conference abstracts in the URNCST Journal and promoting the URNCST Journal Mentored Paper initiative.  Journal Assistants may be undergraduate students, graduate students, research staff, and even non-researchers who have a keen interest in promoting undergraduate research. Prior research experience, therefore, is not a prerequisite required to become an URNCST Journal Assistant.


Why should I become an URNCST Journal Assistant?

Here are just some great reasons to become an URNCST Journal Assistant:

No Experience Required: Prior research experience is not a prerequisite to becoming an URNCST Journal Assistant. All we require is your willingness to support undergraduate research!

Work Remotely: As a journal assistant, you help us to promote the URNCST Journal to undergraduate researchers within your geographical location and/or online to the institution(s) where you are already affiliated.

Free Promotional Materials: The URNCST Journal provides assistant with all the guidance and promotional materials they need, and will never require them to create their own. As an assistant, if you cannot find what they are looking for, you are always welcome to request new materials. If approved, we may even pay you to help us create it!


What are some ways an Assistant can promote the URNCST Journal?

Before promoting the URNCST Journal, please remember to always ask for and obtain permission to do so when and where necessary. While this is by no means an exhaustive list, here are some examples of how we have coordinated promotion in the past:

Email Signature: Place your title (URNCST Journal Assistant) and our website (https://www.urncst.com) in your email signature.

Word of Mouth: Tell all of your friends and classmates involved in undergraduate research about the URNCST Journal.

Social Media: Share the URNCST Journal website/social media accounts with your friends/followers on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

Forums, Websites and Blogs: Promote the URNCST Journal in the places that undergraduate students frequent most online.

Conferences: Invite fellow researchers to submit the work they are presenting as an article to the URNCST Journal.

Campus Clubs and Associations: As an executive or member of one of these groups, share the URNCST Journal with other members at the next general meeting.

Student Events: Promote the URNCST Journal while networking with your peers.

Lectures: Reach a large audience quickly by delivering a short announcement encouraging submissions to the URNCST Journal.


URNCST Journal Assistant Resources

As an Assistant, you may hand out electronic or print copies of any or all resources provided that your method of promotion complies with all applicable laws, rules and regulations in rendering the services to be performed. As an Assistant you may not modify any resource in any way without prior consent from the URNCST Journal, however, all assistants are welcome to request new promotional materials by contacting editor@urncst.com. The following resources are available for all Assistants to download and disseminate to aid their promotion of the URNCST Journal:


URNCST Journal General Flyer (1 Page) | DOWNLOAD PDF

URNCST Journal Descriptive Flyer (2 Pages) | DOWNLOAD PDF

URNCST Journal Assistant Flyer (1 Page) | DOWNLOAD PDF



Ready to become an URNCST Journal Assistant

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Please email your completed application form, along with your CV and cover letter to application@urncst.com with the subject heading titled "URNCST Journal Assistant Application". While we thank everyone who applies, please note that only successful applicants will be contacted. Note: If you are unable to download the files, please re-try using the Firefox browser.