Niyoosha Tabassum Rahima Hasmani


The University of Ottawa Healthcare Symposium (UOHS) is a one-day undergraduate health conference aiming to increase awareness of the interdisciplinary field of health. Initially created by undergraduate students fourteen years ago, UOHS has grown to become the University of Ottawa’s largest healthcare conference with the goal of providing students with a holistic view of healthcare, fostering networking opportunities and encouraging the exploration of novel health disciplines to support their professional endeavors. The 2024 UOHS conference was held on January 27th, 2024, at 55 Laurier Avenue East in Ottawa. This year's conference theme, iHealthcare, aimed to prompt attendees to reflect on the transformative impact of technological innovations on patient care, diagnostics, and healthcare delivery. As a cherished tradition, the 2024 UOHS conference hosted Pitch-O-Rama, an Elevator Pitch Competition blending creativity with research innovation. Participants crafted and orally presented innovative research abstracts using slideshows. Participants were judged by a specially invited panel based on clarity, engagement, relevance to society, solving a knowledge gap worth funding, and creativity in presentation. This book will showcase the works of the winners and honorable mentions of the 2024 Pitch-O-Rama competition. For additional details about UOHS, please visit UOHS’s website: https://www.uohs-csuo.com/.

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