Rebecca Krnel Andréanne Ménard


The SciNapse Undergraduate Science Case Competition (USCC) provides an opportunity for undergraduate students to experience the development of a novel research proposal. A case is presented to all participants and, using in-depth literature search (publications, reports, studies, and published writings), students connect and pinpoint key elements allowing them to develop a hypothesis in support of the case in question. Participants also develop a methodology which will test the validity of their hypothesis. This year’s case topic focused on the still emerging discipline of neuroscience and its far-reaching implications for the future of human and societal development. In teams of 1-4, undergraduate students tackled the case and provided novel research ideas that may lead to major advancements in neuroscience and its related fields. In total, the 2022-2023 USCC attracted 314 undergraduate students from 12 universities across North America. The top 25% of written submissions in each division are highlighted in this abstract booklet. You may find more information on the annual SciNapse USCC on our website at http://scinapsescience.com.

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