Janaksha Linga-Easwaran Ashley Zhang Vanessa Dib


Side by Side Agency (SBS) is a student-led educational non-profit based in the Greater Toronto Area. We began by providing free virtual tutoring and mentorship for K-12 students to compensate for pandemic-related educational disruptions. When school services returned, we switched gears to focus on persisting barriers to academia for marginalized students primarily addressing inconsistencies in research education across Ontario. Literature on Canadian undergraduate students’ literacy and research skills affirmed our personal difficulties with entering the research field, motivating us to develop a free, accessible, and supportive beginner research program for high school students. The 2021 SBS Summer Research Program (SBS SRP) was developed by undergraduate volunteers and included weekly lessons, workshops, homework, and guest speakers to cultivate research skills and inspire curiosity. Students worked with undergraduate mentors to pursue research projects of their interest in fields such as neuroscience, public health, and sociology. SBS SRP culminated with our conference, where students presented their literature reviews, proposed studies, and informative social media campaigns. Check out our website to view our students’ presentations and learn more.

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