Jessica Moreira Eun Young Bae Lily-Thao Nguyen Deep Shah Gerthan Selvanathan Abigail Jacob Karen M. Zhao Shaheer Nadeem Renee Hu Alisa Vorotyntseva Aishwaria Maxwell


DeSCIpher: McMaster University Life Sciences Competition (MULSC) brings together undergraduate students of various science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines to collaboratively compete in a one-day competition. An integral aspect of this competition is the Inquiry Challenge, where a pressing issue is presented to all participants. In teams of three to four individuals, participants are asked to think of creative, evidence-based, and feasible solutions to the proposed prompt. In 2021, the Inquiry Challenge centered on ‘space debris’ and its detrimental effects on Earth. Participants were asked to find in-depth peer-reviewed articles from reputable sources to determine appropriate courses of action that address its issues. An infographic and short abstract were then prepared by the participants, to showcase their findings; the latter are presented in this abstract book. The top four abstracts were chosen based on a predetermined rubric. Overall, DeSCIpher hopes to highlight its commitment to knowledge and passion for the interdisciplinary sciences through its Inquiry Challenge, and the competition as a whole. The McMaster Students Union website featuring information about DeSCIpher can be reached at https://msumcmaster.ca/initiative/descipher/.

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Conference Abstract Book