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The University of Ottawa Healthcare Symposium (UOHS) is a one-day undergraduate health conference that aims to increase awareness of the interdisciplinary field of health. This conference engages students' interest in health through seminars, interactive panel discussions, and a research-based elevator pitch competition. UOHS was created eleven years ago by undergraduate students and has grown to become the University of Ottawa’s largest healthcare conference. Every year, UOHS hosts an event called the Pitch-O-Rama, during one of the conference’s seminar blocks. This event is an elevator pitch competition where individuals have the opportunity to present their health care-related research to an audience and panel of judges in a clear and engaging way. The goal of the Pitch-O-Rama is to have students communicate and share their scientific research to the community. The written submissions of the top 3 winners are highlighted in this abstract book.

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Conference Abstract Book