Dejan Bojic Bianka Bezuidenhout Hertek Gill


The IgNITE Medical Case Competition is an annual research case competition organized by students at the University of Ottawa. Our mission is to provide high school and university students the opportunity to gain valuable research experience while networking with industry professionals. Each year students, in teams of 1-4, are paired with an experienced mentor to develop and present a novel research proposal within the specified theme of the competition. During the competition, students are taught the fundamental principles underlying three lab techniques which they can then use in their proposal or their future research career. This year’s theme was Regenerative Medicine and competitors learned about Immunofluorescence, Western Blot, and CRISPR-Cas9. In 2020-2021 the IgNITE community grew internationally with 570 high school and university students across the world participating in the competition. In this booklet we present the Top 40 teams and invite you to visit our website (www.ignitecompetition.org) to watch their pitch proposal videos. We hope you enjoy reading through some of this year’s top proposals and invite you to join our growing community.

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