Ayomide Fakuade Stephanie Nagy Neethu Pavithran Saameh Siddique Jeremy Y. Ng


The Undergraduate Research in Natural and Clinical Science and Technology (URNCST) Journal Mentored Paper initiative is a unique undergraduate research education opportunity open to undergraduate and professional-undergraduate degree students internationally. Participants are invited to submit an abstract on a selected topic and be paired with a graduate student mentor with an interest and expertise in the research area. Over a three-month period, the mentor and mentee(s) work together to turn the unpolished abstract into a full-length manuscript of publishable quality. In this short editorial, we provide an overview of how our editorial team successfully conceptualized, developed, and established this initiative. Undergraduate students interested in submitting an abstract to the next URNCST Journal Mentored Paper round should visit: https://www.urncst.com/index.php/urncst/mentored_paper. Graduate students interested in serving as a mentor should visit https://www.urncst.com/index.php/urncst/about/#_Toc487899585 to apply to the URNCST Journal.

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