Kenny W. Huynh Amanda Mac Oana Mirel Emma Scott


The University of Ottawa Healthcare Symposium (UOHS) is a one-day undergraduate health conference that aims to in-crease awareness of the interdisciplinary field of health. This conference engages students' interest in health through semi-nars, interactive discussions, and a research-based elevator pitch competition. UOHS was created nine years ago by undergradu-ate students, and it has grown to become the University of Ottawa’s largest healthcare conference. Every year, UOHS hosts Pitch-O-Rama, an elevator pitch competition during one of the conference’s seminar blocks. This is an event where undergraduate students have the opportunity to present their health care-related research to an audience and panel of judges in a clear and engaging way while winning prizes and certificates. The abstracts of the top three presentations at the UOHS 2020 Pitch-O-Rama are highlighted in this abstract booklet.

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Conference Abstract Book