Saman Arif Tong Li Pooya Moradian Zadeh


This project develops a prototype of data management system for Palliative care systems. The current demo focus on demonstrating how their questionnaires can be conducted, stored and analyzed in a single website using latest NodeJS and MongoDB technologies. This web application provides a modern UI interface with easy-to-use features for hospice administrator, social workers and candidate patients. Hospice administrator can create new questionnaire, edit existing questionnaire template and analyze all the questionnaire information. Social workers can see their patients and corresponding questionnaire, creating or editing a questionnaire for his patients. Candidate patients, after being invited to the system, can also use the system to complete their own questionnaire. This new system will not only help improve the quality and efficiency of the current questionnaire interview process but will also help the Hospice staff to make better use of the information collected from the questionnaire. Information retrieval and analysis will be much easier and accurate with the new system, and various sentimental analysis tools can be applied to better understanding the patient’s information.

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